Layout Evento - Valentines - 2020

This event will start on June 12, 2021 and end on July 12, 2021.


Event Details


The Power of Love is back and is spreading through Aden! Every year on Valentine’s Day, the citizens of Aden give cakes to their significant others to express their love. However, the bakery that supplies the cakes has been sabotaged by Beleth! The wizards of the Ivory Tower fear that with no love (cake) in the hearts of Aden citizens, hatred and evil will run rampant throughout the world. A sweet and joyful wizard named Love Potion has been dispatched by the Ivory Tower to help spread the Power of Love back to the people of Aden with your help!



Love Potion:

Love Potions drop from monsters you hunt. The Love Potions double P. Attack / M. Attack / P. Def / M. Def for 2 minutes for everyone in your party and change the appearance of your weapons. The Love Potion buff instantly activates upon pickup from defeated monsters.


(The effect of the Love Potion disappears when you restart the game.)


See below for the effects caused by using the Love Potion


Effect Bonus Time
Physical Attack 15% 2 Minute
Magic Attack 15% 2 Minute
Physical Defense 15% 2 Minute
Magical Defense 15% 2 Minute

Attention: the item “Love Potion” will be removed from the bag
of t and all characters on 12/07/2021 after the end of the event.